• Squirtle - Shiny

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    If you would like to work on becoming better friends before you make a purchase to lower the stardust cost, email me your friend code and I will gladly add you as a friend.  I will then open or send you a gift as often as possible.

    ***Please be aware that I may not always have the amount of stardust available to make the trade immediately.  If there is an issue when you make the purchase, I will send an email letting you know. Or you can send me an email and ask before making the purchase.***

    You will need to do a few things before I log into your account and complete the transaction:

    1.  Make sure you have the available stardust to make the trade.  If this pokemon has never been in your pokedex, the cost will be 1 Million Stardust.

    2.  Email me your log in information.  Use this link to send account information or any questions.

    3.  Name a pokemon of your choosing Tyrtle.  I will use this pokemon to trade for the pokemon you are purchasing.

    4.  Do not log into your account for a little while. I would suggest 2-4 hours before I log into your account and make the trade.  You can provide a time you would like me to log in when you email me your account info.

    There will be several things I will do once I have logged into your account:

    1.  I will add my account as a friend and send a gift to your account.  Please make sure you are able to open a gift. Otherwise, I will need to send a gift from your account to mine.  Then you will need to have a gift available to send.

    2.  After becoming good friends I will make the trade.  The pokemon you named Tyrtle for the pokemon you are purchasing.

    3.  I will then email you, letting you know that the transaction has been completed.


    **Pokemon traded can not be returned or traded to anybody else.**

    **Pokemon’s CP may change after trade.**


    You may delete me as a friend after the transaction is complete or keep me as a friend and continue to work on our friendship.  That choice is yours to make.